HY-512 Surface grinder

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We are top-quality surface grinder manufacture in China. Our HY series surface grinders build by high-grade castings and components .They Providing our grinder have top-quality with longevity and durability ,Accuracy & performance.the accuracy and performance of our surface grinders as well as the quality of the finished product. The result is you get an accurate, smoother surface finish.The accuracy can meet to 0.002-0.003mm, roughness Ra0.2 microns. Our surface grinders quality is better then Taiwan grinder.But we have more competitive price then Taiwan factory price. NOTES:HY-620/AH/AHD/AHR/CNC HY-720AH/AHR/AHD/CNC M:Manual type. AH:X axis hydraulic,  Y axis motorized. AHR: Grinding head auto down feed. AHD: X axis hydraulic,  Y axis motorized, rapid grinding head elevation, grinding head auto down feed. CNC:X axis hydraulic,  Y axis motorized, rapid grinding head elevation, grinding head auto down feed, NC control.

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Parameters Unit HY-510 HY-512
Working Surface of Table mm 500x1000 500x1200
Max.Table Travel mm 1140 1300
Max.Cross Travel mm 540 540
Distance Between Table Surface and Spindle Center mm 570(700 option) 600
Max.Table Load kgs 700 700
Tee Slot(NumberXWidth) mm 3x16 3x16
Table Speed m/min 5~25 5~25
Crossfeed Handwheel 1grad mm 0.02 0.02
1rev mm 5 5
Automatic Crossfeed mm 0.5~12 0.5~12
Power Cross Feed 50Hz mm 1250 1250
60Hz mm 1500 1500
Grinding Wheel mm 355x20-40x127 355x20-40x127
Spindle Speed 50Hz rpm 1450 1450
60Hz rpm 1740 1740
Vertical Hand 1grad mm  0.002  0.002
wheel 1rev mm  0.5  0.5
Min.Down Feed Rate mm 0.005-0.04 0.005-0.04
Power Head Increment mm/min 230 230
Spindle Motor HxP 7.5x4 7.5x4
Vertical Motor HxP 1/2x4 1/2x4
Hydraulic Motor HxP 3x6 3x6
Dust Collection Motor HxP 1/8x2 1/8x2
Coolant Motor W 1/4x6 1/4x6
Crossfeed Motor W 1/4x6 1/4x6
Floor Space Dimensions mm 4445x2200 4700x2300
Packing Dimensions mm 3400x2260x2250 3400x2260x2250
Net Weight kgs 5000 5000
Gross Weight kgs 6000 6000