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3D printer three - dimensional printer printer CNC engraving machine CNC 3020 Combo DIY suite

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You can engrave, you can also print 3D multi-purpose machine. Suitable for schools, laboratories, personal interests, learning, research, development and use. Products are in our CNC3020-300W engraving machine based on the above plus a 3D printing suite, carving, printing switch use, is a worth having "artifact"! Product feature: 1, this machine is completely in our 300W engraving machine (300W link please fierce point here) based on the above modified, the overall stability of the performance of the 300W model fully inherited stability; 2, our models are used 1605 ball screw drive, chrome hard axis, compared to T line screw, belt drive this round, which are much better; 3, 3D print each layer of precision, we can go to 0.05mm, this is the other printers can not be achieved, print out the level of sense with the naked eye can not see the basic look; 4, with the stability of the engraving machine performance, we can print the fastest speed to 3500mm / min, XYZ three-axis linkage; 5, an independent 3D control box, precise control of 3D printing hot bed temperature, nozzle temperature, the amount of plastic, etc., more stable part of the electronic control.

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3D printer and router
X-axis effective travel (left and right running) 200mm
Y-axis effective travel (before and after running) 300mm
Z-axis effective travel (up and down running) 100mm(Actual trip 80mm)
Working table size 240mm(X axis)* 440mm(Y axis)
Dimension of machine 410mm(X axis) * 540(Y axis) * 440 (Z axis) mm
Rack material 6061、6063 Alloy aluminum,15mm Thickening mobile gantry
Use the voltage Communicate with AC 220V(110V Optional)/50Hz Ordinary household electricity can be
Transmission mode unit X、Y、Z Are 1605 silent ball screw
Sliding Mode Unit X、Y、Z Chrome-plated bearing steel quenching round rail, X, Y-axis 16mm circular track, Z-axis 12mm circular track
Stepper motor All using the new 57 two-phase 3A1.8 ° stepper motor
Spindle motor The new 48V300W air - cooled high - speed DC motor
Spindle motor speed Stepless speed 0-13000 rev / min, can achieve low speed high torque
Tool chuck range ER11 series chuck 1-7mm are applicable, standard 3.175mm (1/8 ')
Limit switch X、Y、Z three limit switches are mounted on each of the three axes
Engraving machine engraving accuracy 0.03-0.05mm
3D printing minimum precision per layer 0.05mm
Repeat point precision 0.01-0.03mm
Maximum project operation and processing speed 3500mm/min
Engraving instruction G code file, NC file / NCC file / TAB file / TXT file format, software compatible carved, UG, Wentai, ARTCAM, coppercam all G code format
3D printing programming software Slic 3r