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4030-300/800W/1.5/2.2KW 3-Axis CNC engraving machine

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◆ The whole steel structure of the bed is welded, the vibration aging treatment, to ensure that the use of deformation. ◆ Y-axis dual-motor drive, selection of matching, to ensure smooth movement. ◆ High-precision rack and pinion drive, high speed, high precision. ◆ Electromechanical excellent design, selection of famous brand electrical accessories, the failure rate to a minimum. ◆ The use of high-power spindle motor, to ensure that the machine can be vigorously cut. ◆ with breakpoints, power continued carving function. ◆ Optional industrial computer, the knife, intelligent hand wheel device.

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Model 3020-300/800W 4030-300/800W/1.5/2.2KW 3040-1.5/2.2KW 4060-1.5/2.2KW
Voltage 220V(110V is operation under 1.5kw,2.2KW is not allowed for 110V)
Table size 240x440mm 540x400mm 450x480 750x500
X/Y/Z Travel 300x200x100mm 400x300x100 300x400x100 400x600x100
Machine size 450x550x520mm 650x550x540 560x590x540 860x650x540
Spindle motor Air cooling:300W/Water cooling:800W Air cooling:300W/Water cooling:800W/1.5/2.2KW Water cooling:1.5/2.2KW Water cooling:1.5/2.2KW
Spindle speed 12000/24000RPM 12000/24000RPM 24000RPM 24000RPM
Spring chuck ER11 1-7mm chuck used under 1.5kw motor,2.2KW motor machine use ER20 1-13mm chuck
Step motor 57 type 3A 57 type  3A 57 type  3A 57 type  3A
57 type  3A 57 type  3A 57 type   3A 57 type  3A
57 type  3A Longer 57 type  3A Longer 57 type  3A Longer 57 type  3A
16 Chrome shaft 20 Chrome shaft 20 Chrome shaft 20 Chrome shaft
Moving parts 16 Chrome shaft 20 Chrome shaft 20 Chrome shaft 20 Chrome shaft
12 Chrome shaft 12 Chrome shaft 12 Chrome shaft 16 Chrome shaft
Drive unit 1605 Ball screw 1605 Ball screw 1605 Ball screw 1605 Ball screw
Limited switch Total six limited switch
Positioning precision 0.02-0.05mm 0.02-0.05mm 0.02-0.05mm 0.02-0.05mm
Repeat ability precision 0.01-0.02mm 0.01-0.02mm 0.01-0.02mm 0.01-0.02mm
Machining speed 0-3500mm/min
Net/Gross weight 38/43kg 52/60/65kg 65kg 70kg
Packing size 49x59x60cm 68x58x62cm 68x58x62cm 89x68x62cm