KMC400-U (5 axis)

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Based on a compact Gantry-type design, this series offers all benefits of a high-capacity 5-axis machining center The machine frame is made of high-end mineral-casting featuring all known benefits of this premium material, including virtually perfect vibration dampening and high thermal stability High-quality linear guides and preloaded ball screws on X, Y, and Z axis for maximum precision, low maintenance and wear-resistance Y-travel driven with two synchronised servomotors Fast feeds and rapid feeds up to 48 m/min (optionally up to 60 m/min), and axis acceleration up to 1 g for maximum metal removal rates Tool changer is integrated in the machine column NC rotatary table is solidly supported at 2 points inside the gantry and swivels up to 260° on A axis and 360° on C axis Wide jaw opening with large work space accommodates large workpieces during swiveling Solid construction and bilateral torsion-free drive accommodate high workpiece weights Turning and swiveling axis are close at the workpiece

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Model KMC 400U KMC 800U
Working area
A axis swivel range -130°  bis +130° -130°bis +130°
C axis swivel range 360° 360°
Table dimensions 370x370 mm 800 mm
Table load capacity (max.) 500 kg 1.400 kg
Number of T-slots 8 Pieces 16 Pieces
Spindle nose-to-table surface distance 144 - 490 mm 140 - 680 mm
Throat 350 mm 800 mm
Workpiece diameter 530 mm 1.100 mm
Milling diameter X-axis 350 mm 800 mm
Milling diameter Y-axis 350 mm 800 mm
Cutting height Z axis 350 mm 500 mm
Travel X-axis 350 mm 800 mm
Travel Y-axis 350 mm 800 mm
Travel Z-axis 346 mm 550 mm
Spindle speed 18.000 rpm 12.000 rpm
Spindle mount HSK-A50 HSK-A50
A axis
Torque 689 Nm 5.400 Nm
Braking torque 500 Nm 7.500 Nm
C axis
Torque 315 Nm 1.240 Nm
Braking torque 500 Nm 5.000 Nm
Rapid feed
Rapid feed 48.000 mm/min 48.000 mm/min
Work feed 10.000 mm/min 10.000 mm/min
Tool head
Number of tool stations 22 Pieces 36 Pieces
Tool size ¢ x L (max.) 90x230 mm 125x300 mm
Tool weight max. 5 kg 16 kg
Tool-changing time chip/chip 5 s 8 s
Tool-change time tool/tool 3 s 4,5 s
Positioning accuracy X-axis 5 µm 5 µm
Positioning accuracy Y-axis 5 µm 5 µm
Positioning accuracy Z-axis 5 µm 5 µm
Positioning accuracy A axis 0,004° 0,004°
Positioning accuracy C axis 0,004° 0,004°
Repeatability X-axis 3 µm 3 µm
Repeatability Y-axis 3 µm 3 µm
Repeatability Z-axis 3 µm 3 µm
Repeatability A axis 0,002° 0,002°
Repeatability C axis 0,002° 0,002°
Drive capacity
Motor rating main drive 16 kW 30 kW
Motor rating coolant pump 4 kW 4 kW
Motor rating X-axis 5,6 kW 5,6 kW
Motor rating Y 5,6 kW 8,8 kW
Motor rating Z 5,6 kW 5,6 kW
Measures and weights
Overall dimensions (length x width x height) 2.230x2.920x2.560 mm 3.310x3.750x3.650 mm
Weight 4.500 kg 16.000 kg