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.The up and down carport is one unit, it adopts hydraulic transmission method. The down parking can directly access to vehicles, and access to the upper vehicles must remove the down carport.

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SSL Series Load Platform Size Lifting Height No-working Dimensions Pump station
SSL0.8-3.5 0.8T 1.8×1.2M 3.5M 800MM 1.8×1.2×0.80M 2.2KW/380V
SSL2-3.5 2T 1.8×1.2M 3.5M 680MM 1.8×1.2×0.68M 3KW/380V
SSL2-0.5 2T 1.8×1.6M 0.5M 440MM 1.8×1.6×0.44M 2.2KW/380V
SSL1-6 1T 1.9×1.1M 6.0M 1100MM 1.9×1.1×1.10M 3KW/380V
SSL2-6 2T 2.0×1.3M 6.0M 1200MM 2.0×1.3×1.20M 4KW/380V
SSL3-2.4 3T 2.0×2.0M 2.4M 660MM 2.0×2.0×0.66M 4KW/380V
SSL2-5 2T 2.1×1.2M 5.0M 870MM 2.1×1.2×0.87M 4KW/380V
SSL1-4.5 1T 2.1×1.5M 4.5M 800MM 2.1×1.5×0.80M 3KW/380V
SSL5-6.5 5T 2.2×1.6M 6.5M 1280MM 2.2×1.6×1.28M 5.5KW/380V
SSL 3-6.5 3T 2.2×1.9M 6.5M 1520MM 2.2×1.9×1.52M 5.5KW/380V
1.Hydraulic lifting system, the far-end control and multi-control points at the different floors could be realized hierarchical control.
2. Stop anywhere at the pre-concerted and accurate location point. It can work under any condition, great load capacity, safe and reliable.
3. There are sensitive overload protection devices locking device for falling protection.
Scissor Car Lift
  A scissor lift is typically used to transport goods from one working level to another; this scissor lift is specifically designed for cars.
 They are becoming extremely popular in warehouses, logistics centers, factories, and various other working sites.
The control panels are installed at the designated floors, and on the lift platform.
The lift features user-friendly operating buttons, sensitive overload protection, and a compact design.
  It is also easily customizable; the loading capacity, platform size, and lifting size can all be made according to your needs.