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The self propelled scissor lift is powered by battery. With low noise when working. And pendant control allows user to control lift not only on work platform, also on ground. The electric scissor lift is widely used for maintenance and construction

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Model No. SPS0.28-5 SPS0.23-6 SPS0.45-8 SPS0.32-10 SPS0.23-12
Working height Maximum 6.5m 7.65m 9.7m 11.5m 13.74m
Platform height Maximum 4.8m 6.15m 8m 9.8m 12.04m
Lift capacity 280kg 230kg 450kg 320kg 230kg
Length 1.89m 1.89m 2.45m 2.44m 3.08m
Width 0.76m 0.76m 1.15m 1.15m 1.75m
Height (stowed) 2.2m 2.4m 2.4m 2.54m 2.88m
Platform height minimum 1.17m 1.25m 1.2m 1.39m 1630mm
Platform measurement 1.79*0.74m 1.79*0.74m 2.43*1.13m 2.43*1.13m 2.92*1.65m
Length extension deck 0.9m 0.9m 0.9m 0.9m 1.1m
Ground clearance-center 60/20mm 60/20mm 100/20mm 100/20mm 0.2m
Turning radius minimum 1.6m 1.6m 2.3m 2.3m 4.5m
Travel speed (stowed) 3.2km/h 3.2km/h 3.2km/h 3.2km/h 3.2km/h
Travel speed (raised) 0.8km/h 0.8km/h 0.8km/h 0.8km/h 0.8km/h
Grade ability 25% 25% 25% 25% 20%
Tire 0.305*0.1m 0.305*0.1m 0.38*0.125m 0.38*0.125m 0.6*0.19m
Weight 1350kg 1580kg 2250kg 2610kg 3450kg
Lift motor 24/3 v/kw 24/3 v/kw 24/3 v/kw 24/3 v/kw 48/5 v/kw
Maintenance-free Battery 4*6/230 V/AH 4*6/230 V/AH 4*6/230 V/AH 4*6/230 V/AH 8*6/215 V/AH
Charger 24/20-30 V/A 24/20-30 V/A 24/20-30 V/A 24/20-30 V/A 48/50 v/kw
1. Self propelled Scissor Lifts does not need any outriggers, one man operates on the working platforms.
2. Moving forward,turning around and lifting up are easily operated.
3. Short chargeable time and long dural time of the battery.
4. Easily moved, spacious working platforms, smooth working condition and high working efficiency