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Self-propelled scissor lift is one of our hot sale machines,and it can lift people to high space for cleaning,installation. we use battery as lift driven power and travel power.the platform can extend on one side or on both sides,which can enlarge the working space.the electric scissor lift with size lower than 6m are compact and the whole wideth is 760mm

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Model No. SPS-16RT
Max. Platform Height 16.16m
Max. working Height 17.86m
Lift Rated Capacity 680kg
Platform Size(A*B) 3.95*1.83m
Ground Clearance 0.23mm
Extension deck measurement 1.22*1.52m
Max. Drive Speed(Platform Stowed) 6.3km/h
Max. Drive Speed(Platform Elevated) 1.1km/h
Min. Turning Radius 5.2m
Grade-ability 50%
Solid tyre 1933/12/20
Rated power 37kw
Fuel tank volume 115L
Hydraulic tank volume 170L
Overall Length 4.03m
Overall Width  2.28m
Overall Height  3.16m
Overall Net Weight 7850kg
It's working guardrails can be folded,which enables it do through samll openings and operate in samll space.
A scissor lift is perfect for aerial installation and maintenance jobs at sites without a power supply. Its strength and versatility makes it suitable for the toughest and roughest jobs, as it takes on bumpy terrain without losing power.
- The platform has great mobility, and can extend in each direction. Its max dimensions are over 6 meters wide and close to 2 meters long.
- An active oscillation axle perceives the terrain and guarantees the machine lands on four wheels, even when on an uneven road, without reducing the driving force.
- It is also easily customizable; the lifting height, motor, and even color can all be made according to your needs.