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Stationary scissor lift is installed in a pit, then the platform is in the same level with ground, used to carry goods from ground level to second floor or another level, the professional scissor lift suppliers, which have many different scissor lift table for sales with best price.

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SSL series Load Platform height Lifting height Self-height Dimensions(m)
SSL3-3 3T 2.2*5.5M 3M 800mm 2.2*5.5*1.0
SSL2-3.5 2T 1.8*1.2M 3.5M 680mm 1.8*1.2*0.68
SSL2-0.5 2T 1.8*1.6M 0.5M 440mm 1.8*1.6*0.44
SSL1-6 1T 1.9*1.1M 6M 1100mm 1.9*1.1*1.10
SSL2-6 2T 2.0*1.3M 6M 1200mm 2.0*1.3*1.20
SSL1.5-0.8 1.5T 2.0*1.5M 0.8M 500mm 2.0*1.5*0.5
SSL1-4.3 1T 2.0*1.8M 4.3M 800mm 2.0*1.8*0.80
SSL2-6 2T 2.0*2.0M 6M 1030mm 2.0*2.0*1.03
SSL3-2.4 3T 2.0*2.0M 2.4M 630mm 2.0*2.0*0.63
SSL3-2.4 3T 2.0*2.0M 2.4M 660mm 2.0*2.0*0.66
SSL2-5 2T 2.1*1.2M 5M 870mm 2.1*1.2*0.87
SSL1-4.5 1T 2.1*1.5M 4.5M 800mm 2.1*1.5*0.80
SSL5-6.5 5T 2.2*1.6M 6.5M 1280mm 2.2*1.6*1.28
SSL3-6.5 3T 2.2*1.9M 6.5M 1520mm 2.2*1.9*1.52
SSL1.5-3.8 1.5T 2.2*2.0M 3.8M 700mm 2.2*2.0*0.70
SSL2-3.8 2T 2.2*2.0M 3.8M 830mm 2.2*2.0*0.83
SSL2-5 2T 2.3*1.4M 5M 870mm 2.3*1.4*0.87
SSL2-5.15 2T 2.3*1.4M 5.15M 870mm 2.3*1.4*0.87
SSL2-1.3 2T 2.3*2.0M 1.3M 400mm 2.3*2.0*0.40

Loading dock lift
- Typically used to transport goods from one working level to a higher level.
- Widely used in warehouses, logistics centers, factories, and other work sites.
- Control panels are installed both at the designated floors and the lift platform.
- User-friendly operating buttons, sensitive overload protection and compact design.
- Customization: the loading capacity, platform size, and lifting size can all be engineered according to your work needs.
Loading Dock Lift is customizable as per platform size, lifting travel height and loading capacities to conform with a wide range of applications.