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Our trailing scissor lifts are great for multiple workers that need to get up high to work on maintenance, inspection, cleaning, etc. They are extendable and safe, and best used on smooth surfaces

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Model Lift height Platform size(mm) Load(Kg) Dimensions(mm) Self weight
TS0.5-8 8m 1640*750 500 1850*900*1390 720kg
TS0.3-10 10m 2120*1200 300 2600*1500*1530 1600kg
TS0.8-10 10m 2200*1500 800 2600*2000*2000 2500kg
TS1.5-10 10m 2600*1500 1500 3000*2000*2000 2800kg
TS0.5-12 12m 2600*1500 500 2950*1950*1740 2500kg
TS0.3-14 14m 2750*1500 300 3250*1950*1970 3000kg
TS**-n Custom-made according to requirement

- A scissor lift is perfect for aerial installation and maintenance jobs at sites without a power supply.

- The trailing scissor lift is characterized by its manual move and great loading capacity.

- For flexibility, the lift can be controlled from on the ground or in the platform.

- It is also easily customizable; the lifting height, motor, and even color can all be made according to your needs.

Safety Features

- Explosions proof valves, which protect the hydraulic pipe and prevent rupture

- Spillover valve, which prevents high pressure when the lift rises

- Emergency decline valve, which smoothly lowers the lift in case of an emergency

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